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Surrender to Joy, Love, Faith, Trust and Life! Even in Times of Sorrow!!

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Did you ever want to surrender for just one day? Surrender to joy, love, faith, trust, and life. Let the sadness, grief, overwhelm, stress just be? All those heavy emotions that keep you from feeling ok. Keep you from feeling even a small amount of happiness?

I bet your saying…Yes, I would like just one day where I feel ‘normal’ again. Where everything is ok. Where I feel and believe in the joy life truly brings. That all’s right with the world. Is one day too much to ask for? How about just one moment even?

I truly get it!

Oh, how I remember feeling like that! In fact, as some of you know I tried to escape all of it in the first two years after my husband died by using alcohol to numb out the pain. After my dad died, I just kept as busy as possible to try and not feel. It was just too much at times.

Little did I know joy, love, faith, trust, and life are there for the choosing. Even in the midst of sorrow.

Key to positive change is joy

But here’s the thing. We really do get to choose how our day is going to go. Yes, we may encounter speed bumps in that day, but we still get to choose how we respond. The key to positive change in your life is to let joy in. To savor it! Let yourself indulge in random acts of laughter, smiles, and happiness.

Therefore, surrender to joy, love, faith, trust, and life.

Just for the day!

There is joy in every moment, only if you surrender to it. ~ Alexandra Domelle

Maybe it doesn’t start out as a full day. Maybe it’s just a moment. One full moment in the present that you feel peer joy. You let the love in. A moment in time you have faith and trust. You let life happen.

By the way, guilt is not allowed! When guilt rears its ugly head, just let it be. It will lose its power.

Surrender to joy and let all else be

I know! You’re asking, but how? How do I surrender to joy? Can I really just let the sadness, grief, overwhelm, stress be for a day or even a moment? Can I truly surrender to joy, love, faith, trust, and life? Yes, I believe you can.

You can, by letting go of the past. By being present in the moment. Adopting an ‘attitude of gratitude’. The answer is in all the blessings that remain in your life. You’ll find it when you decide to believe that there is joy even in sorrow. It’s in accepting what is.

You may be saying, ‘that’s all fine and dandy but how do I really surrender? How do I let all the sadness, grief, overwhelm, stress be? Even for a moment.”

Surprisingly, we often live in the past or the future. We spend very little time in the present. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find our way to the present. Yet, not impossible.

Thankfully, tools such as meditation, creative expression, spending time in the beauty of nature, and of course expressing gratitude help bring us into the present moment.

Here’s how each of these can bring us into the present moment. 

Meditation is key

It’s no secret that I love meditation. I found it just over a year ago and I have to tell you, it’s truly changed my life. It’s not surprising that research shows meditation changes the brain in areas that lead to self-compassion and happiness.

Further, it allows us to be present in the moment. Therefore, leaving behind and letting all from the past just be. Letting us surrender to the now. To joy, love, faith, trust, and life!  

One of the best guides I have found is Sarah Blondin. Her guided meditations have truly touched me deeply and brought me so much peace. You can find her free guided meditations on a phone app called Insight Timer.  Sarah’s Live Awake podcast can be found on iTunes.

Creative Expression

A while back I wrote the blog post, Creative Expression: Healing Through Art that talks about how we can use art to express ourselves. Not only is it a good way to express the sorrow, but it’s also a good way to bring us into the present and allows us to express joy, love, faith, trust, and life.

Beauty of Nature

There is so much in nature that can bring us into the present moment. That moment that we can feel peace. The moment of surrender deep in our soul. Nature is a place of beauty. For example, we can find beauty in the ocean, a garden, and a night sky filled with the most amazing show of stars. In that beauty, your soul expands and you’re able to breathe again. You can rest. 

Take a look at a blog post I wrote a while back about how Beauty Heals. It truly pulls us into the present and allows us to express joy, love, faith, trust, and life.  

Gratitude in Just Three Moments

Of course, we all know that an ‘attitude of gratitude’ is essential to our happiness and well-being. Often times it gets overlooked in our struggles. It takes a backseat. Then we lose sight of all we have. Consequently, we lose sight of all of our blessings.

Quite some time ago I learned about this great exercise called ‘Three Moments’ from the Center of Motivation and Change (CMC). It’s somewhat like a gratitude list, but instead of just a plan gratitude list, you write down three moments that went well in your day or that you appreciated and why.

This has the tendency to keep you focused on the moments of your day. Thus allowing you to surrender to joy, love, faith, trust, and life.  I encourage you to check out my Three Moments blog post to get the skinny on all the benefits.

So, will you choose to bring forth the joy, love, faith, trust, and life?

What Are Your Next Steps?


Let me hear your thoughts. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts. ill you choose to bring forth the joy, love, faith, trust, and life? Please comment below.


I would love to hop on a short 20-minute call to help you gain clarity around how you can be present in the moment so you’re able to surrender to joy, love, faith, trust, and life. I bet you’re ready to feel the joy. Simply fill out this form to let me know and let’s chat. It’s free! No selling! No Obligation!


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